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Hot stone therapy can be added to all of the following massages for an additional CHF 25.-

(last 20min of your chosen Treatment)

According to Ayurvedic teachings, placing warm and round lava stones onto the body's Meridians (the body's Energy highways) helps the body supply with “prana” (life force). The stones relieve tension from the deepest layers of our muscles, stimulates blood circulation and supplies cells and tissue with additional oxygen.

60' / 90' / 120'

Deep tissue

Focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue

60' / 90'

La Stone massage

Warm, round volcanic stones have a soothing, regenerating effect on the body as well as on the energy system

30' / 60' / 90' / 120'

Thai massage

An ancient art of healing that is based on the holisitc treatment of the human body, mind and spirit

30' / 60' / 90'

Take a break

A treatment focusing mainly on the head and neck area, the upper back muscles and the shoulders

45' / 60' / 90'

Wellness massage

Has a balancing and soothing effect on the nervous system, for a sense of harmony and relaxation


Aromatherapy massage

A Luxury treatment with selected essential oils

30' / 60'

Foot reflexology massage

A holistic form of therapy which activates the body's own healing powers

60' / 90'

Pregnancy massage

A very gentle, soothing massage tailored to individual needs during pregnancy – ideal for relaxing mothers-to-be and their babies

30' / 60'

Gua Sha – Massage
(Head & Face)

The chinese face and head massage of the Hollywood stars

Breathe in. breathe out.

Relax and recharge in the heart of Zurich

Aromatherapy massage 

Aromatherapy is a massage therapy using highly concentrated pant based essential oils. These essential oil molecules are being inhaled and absorbed by your skin. They are thought to promote beneficial changes in your mind and body by affecting the limbic system, a region of the brain to be known to be involved in emotions.

  • 60 mins

  • CHF 155.00

Deep tissue massage

This massage works on the deeper layers of tissue, which are often tense and sticky. It looses muscle tension and pain and improves connective tissue health. During the treatment, pressure, pulling, stretching and firm stroking motions are used to relax and knead the tissue. The sequence of massage motions is based on the direction of muscles and energy channels. Especially suitable for severe tension, joint pain or physically active people.

  • 60 mins | 90 mins | 120 mins

  • CHF 140.00 to 240.00

Foot reflexology massage

Reflexology takes a holistic view of the body. The human body is reflected in the foot. The foot is like a map of the body, charting its trials and tribulations. Targeted pressure on the feet can help ease physical and spiritual complaints in the rest of the body.

  • 30 mins | 60 mins

  • CHF 85.00 to 135.00

La Stone massage

Warm, round stones and flowing massage techniques have a soothing and balancing effect on your whole body. In this treatment, the wonderful warmth of the stones loosens and relaxes your muscles and eases your mind, body and soul. Especially suitable for all-round relaxation of the mind, body and soul.

  • 60 mins | 90 mins

  • CHF 185.00 to 225.00

Take a break

This treatment focuses mainly on the head and neck area, the upper back muscles and the shoulders. The muscles in the shoulder area are being relaxed and the head is being freed from tension. Physical and mental blockages are being loosened and allows energy to flow again. Particularly suitable for headaches or migraines, tension from long periods spent seated and/or cold-related tension.

  • 30 mins | 60 mins | 90 mins

  • CHF 75.00 to 185.00

Pregnancy massage

The pregnancy massage is a gentle, revitalising and soothing massage for expecting mothers that caters to their individual wants and needs while pregnant. Generally, almost all types of massage can be performed on the neck, upper back, arms, legs and feet throughout the entire pregnancy. A full-body massage can also be performed depending on the stage and condition of the pregnancy. We generally don’t perform lower-back massages in the early and late stages of pregnancy, and if we do, we take great care to ensure that we are very gentle. This also applies to high-risk pregnancies. We make sure that expecting mothers can lie comfortably on their side or back, taking their symptoms and the size of their belly into account.

  • 60 mins | 90 mins

  • CHF 140.00 to 190.00

Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage is among the oldest healing arts in the world and is practised in many places throughout Thailand as part of a treatment that lasts up to three hours. Comfortable pulling, stretching and rotating motions and light acupressure are used to loosen muscle tension, sticky fascia tissue and energy blockages, boosting wellbeing. The treatment covers your whole body with a powerful and dynamic approach. Especially suitable for inner turmoil or sleep disturbances, all kinds of physical pain, circulation or mobility issues due to severe tension or sticky fascia tissue.

  • 30 mins | 60 mins | 90 mins | 120 mins

  • CHF 75.00 to 240.00

Wellness massage

Looking for deep relaxation for your mind, body and soul? Then our wellness massage is the right treatment for you. This treatment brings you a sense of harmony and relaxation, balancing and soothing your nervous system and calming your muscles and organs.

  • 45 mins | 60 mins | 90 mins

  • CHF 115.00 to 185.00

Gua Sha – Massage (Head & Face)

The Gua Sha treatment is an asian type of massage with its origin in traditional chinese medicine. "Gua" means "to scrape", "Sha" means as much as an "acute disease". In addition to classical facial acupressure, smooth and rounded jade stones are being used. These healing stones effectively reduce puffiness, diminish wrinkles and optimize the skin’s complexion. The lymphatic system is being activated, blood circulation is stimulated and « waste products » are expelled from the body. Gua Sha massage on the face and head is performed gently, especially since you have full control over the pressure and the sequence of every movement. 

The application is not recommended if you suffer from couperosis (vasodilatation), if you had recent injuries or if you are effected by acne. Also not suitable is the facial Gua Sha after fresh cosmetic procedures (Botox, fillers etc). 

Make up: For best results please do not wear makeup to your Gua Sha appointment. If this is not possible, make up removers are available for you at the Salon.

  • 30 mins | 60 mins

  • CHF 95.00 to 115.00

Prices subject to change. Please inform your massage therapist of any previous injuries, operations or if you are pregnant.